When is our next trip?....

Coordinating trips as volunteers is a labor of love that we are more than happy to do but due to proper balance of theocratic & secular schedules we are going to have to limit how many trips we coordinate per year.  A recent Morning Worship on JW Broadcasting: " Can Endeavors Become Distractions?" has solidified this decision.  Therefore, at this time we aren't sure when we will have enough time to execute another trip (Phil 1:10; Eph 5:15, 16) but might be able to for July or August 2019.  If so we will keep you posted via our website or email you when further details becomes available.  Thank you so much for understanding and we find it so encouraging that you want to use your time and resources on spiritual things!

Closed August 2018 Booking

At this time we will be closing our August 2018 bookings due to not enough persons reserved to execute a trip.  If you are currently booked on our August trip we will be contacting you with further instructions.

I know we were so looking forward to going in August but the good news is that we are in the works of an April 2019 trip so you will have another opportunity, and time flys by fast so that will be just around the corner.

Hindi Regional Convention August 17-19, 2018

The Jehovah's Witnesses Hindi Regional Convention in the USA this year is scheduled for August 17-19, 2018 in Turnersville, NJ.  Therefore, we will start coordinating a bus trip leaving from Illinois to attend the Hindi Regional Convention and visit our Jehovah's Witnesses new world headquarters in Warwick, NY the same week.  If you are interested in joining us please send us your name to be wait-list until full trip details become available or check back soon for an update.

Visiting the Oriental Institute in Chicago on January 13, 2018 @ 2PM

If you would like to join us to take the tour "The God of Reliable Prophecy" provided by Museum Bible Tours we will be visiting on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 2pm.  You will need to reserve your spot and order your tickets at www.museumbibletours.com and provide your own transportation.  If this date and time not work for you there are other availabilities and we will be coordinating a bus trip there in the near future so check back soon for the details.


Bookings for July 2017 Almost Full

FYI, to date we only have about 20 seats available to be booked on our July 2017 bus charter trip to tour Warwick, so if you are interested in joining us don't delay because several Friends have informed us that the tours for the Warwick Branch this year appears to have already reached it's capacity for reservations.  Therefore, the spots we have reserved for our July 2017 trip maybe your only opportunity to tour Warwick this year.  If you are interested in joining us please view our trip details on our Book Now page. Thanks!

July 2017 trip to Warwick

Greetings All,  We are excited that we have a reservation to tour our World Headquarters this upcoming July!  We will be taking a bus charter trip leaving from Illinois to NY, currently working on the itinerary, pricing forth-coming but we do have a wait-list available on a first-come first-served basis that is almost full with only a few spots left.  Hope you can join us or visit on your own very soon!

NY Brooklyn Bethel Tours UPDATE

Please note the last day to take the guided tours at 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY that usually features a number of displays that shows how the worldwide work is directed by the world headquarters will be on May 31, 2016 and the last day to take the two self-guided tours of the lobby displays: "A People for Jehovah's Name" and "The Bible and the Divine Name" will be on July 15, 2016.  We understand that many may have yet to visit the US Branches and would like to  before these tours are discontinued at the Brooklyn Branch.  Therefore, we are going to do our best to add more bookings for May and June 2016 with the hopes to  have your desires fulfilled! - Psalms 37:4