A1betheltrips.com is not a business.  We are not-for-profit individuals that are baptized Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing, coordinating trips for our friends, families, and persons of interest that want to visit our Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters & branches around the world referred to as Bethel; also organizing other exciting trips and excursions.  

A1betheltrips.com are not sponsored nor managed by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennslyvania, JW.org, Museum Bible Tours, Oasis Biblical Group, Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Oriental Institute.

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Our Mission

To organize affordable, safe, encouraging, faith-strengthening, and fun trips for our world-wide brotherhood and persons of interest. 

We think this quote from The Watchtower Magazine summons it up.......

"Inspect Its Dwelling Towers”- (Ps. 48:12, 13)

© All Rights Reserved –  Watchtower article quoted.  (Excerpt from The Watchtower (2011) 3/15 pp. 17-20)